Food Forward aims to connect people back to the abundance of food in our midst by organizing groups of all sizes to pick the excess fruit and vegetables found in our own backyards – literally and figuratively.  100% of what we gather is donated directly back to local food pantries.

Please visit our website at http://foodforward.org

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  1. this is a great idea. taking fallenfruit just one (big giant) step further. i can’t wait to pick some fruit. it is amazing walking around (or biking around) la how many trees are laden with excess fruit. this is great.

    • I have been working with FOOD FORWARD for a few months now and its been a great experience ! Nothing like giving back to the community and getting some great exercise. Who needs the gym

  2. Your readers may want to visit http://www.AmpleHarvest.org – a site that helps diminish hunger by enabling backyard gardeners to share their crops with neighborhood food pantries.

    The site is free both for the food pantries and the gardeners using it.

    Over 900 food pantries nationwide are already on it and more are signing up daily.

    It includes preferred delivery times, driving instructions to the pantry as well as (in many cases) information about store bought items also needed by the pantry (for after the growing season).

    If your community has a food pantry, make sure they register on AmpleHarvest.org.

  3. LOVE this idea! Brilliant.

  4. This is great! are kids allowed to come to the “picks” – only if it says “family friendly” or……..??
    Please add us to your mailing list!

    • No, actually unless it says “not for kids” any child over5 came come if they are accompanied by an adult – if we have picks that are specifically “kid friendly” (ie easy low fruit) we like to note that.

      Please sign up directly on the GET INVOLVED page if you are interested in being a volunteer

      thanks FF

  5. I am so impressed with your dedication and growth in the last year! Keep up the great work!

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