January’s Fresh Juice!

Dear Fruit World,

We are pleased to present the first edition of Fresh Juice for 2011. This month will see us closing out our second year (Jan. 17th is our actual anniversary in case you were wanting to know which day to send the roses).

We have AMAZING picks scheduled throughout the month and welcome groups, couples, singles, families, and Fruit Loops of all varieties to sign up and get picking with us. Valley Glen, Simi or points north…It’s all here.

If you are predisposed to take a drive over MLK weekend, please join us for one or both days of FRUITSTOCK 2011 – when we pick delicious Mandarins at two Santa Barbara locations on January 15th and 16th, and gather for a potluck dinner after the pick on the 15th. (If you were with us for Mandarin Madness last year, you know this is something not to miss.)

Though we love rain, and know it’s part of our cosmic cycle, PRAY for sunny weekends and join us as we head towards our second birthday and 300,000th pound!


Please visit www.foodforward.org/events to view and register for our events.


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