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Looking for fruit trees in LA!

If you live in LA and have healthy fruit trees (or in a neighborhood that does), please get in touch with us as Food Forward will participate in Big Sunday on May 1st and 2nd – the LARGEST volunteer event in all of Southern California.

We will be harvesting fruit trees in neighborhoods across LA, so we invite you, your friends, family and/or neighbors to take part in this incredible event by being a FRUIT DONOR.

What does it entail? You just sit there while a few of our (fully insured) volunteers do all the work of picking, schlepping and hauling – Sure you might offer us some lemonade or an off color joke to keep our spirits up, but honestly all you need to do is agree to take part and you will received a TAX DONATION RECEIPT for EVERY POUND WE HARVEST. Quite the deal, we know, so don’t tell too many people…better yet, tell everyone including your neighbors!

More importantly, please call us at 818-530-4125 or email Erica our Harvesting/Property Coordinator at erica@foodforward.org – to let us know you are on-board – and while you are at it, check out the great work we do and numerous press stories on us at our website: FOODFORWARD.ORG.

You will be proud to be part of our growing family of FRUITANTHROPISTS – now over 150 strong and growing weekly!


Pomegranates and LA TImes help usher in the fall

Returning from a great but exhausting trip to NY, it was a wonderful to make up yesterday AM to see the story Mary MacVean of the LA Times wrote on the front of yesterday’s Food Section about fruit gleaning and Food Forward.

I know I speak for the rest of the FF volunteers and crew in appreciation of the detailed reporting she did and great time she took to understand what our group is doing, the multiple levels FF works on and how we are growing.

To make the day even better, Erica joined me for a brief but meaningful pomegranate pick in Valley Village at sunset. It was meaningful on two levels: first it was where she, Carl and myself met for the first time to harvest tangerines last spring and realize they wanted to help our organization get off the ground. But additionally, Luke from Mend came by to pick up the fruit and I found myself quite moved when I learned how it would be distributed to Mend’s clients. He had taken the time to do research and find out that pomegranates are a specifically beneficial good for diabetics and had devised a plan where by they would be the specific recipients of this harvest. It made this new tart, hard to pick and somewhat quirky fruit even more special – it wasn’t about the quantity, but the meaning each piece would have to those who received it…

Oranges & Lemons in Van Nuys!

We had a great pick last sunday in Van Nuys yielding 252lbs of oranges & lemons with 5 new volunteers! Great work guys.. 
Upcoming July picks that still have spots available:
Sunday 7/19 @10am in North Hills
Weds 7/22 @ 5:30pm in Winnetka
Sunday 7/26 @ 10am in Encino