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Juicy Fruit Express – a Loooong but Successful Adventure

“Adventure” was probably the key word that can describe the FF crew’s day on Saturday when we ventured in a veggie oil-powered bus out to Bako to pick a hundred-plus tree property.  We’ll opt for the less-eco-friendly model next time  (15mph up the Grapevine grade was a wee bit too much even for us hardcore eco-folk) but the time spent getting to and from our location was rewarded with amazing weather, great trees and a spectacular mountain top lunch put together by our host Chris and Jody and their great family – And to keep it all in perspective, 3200 lbs of beautiful Valencia oranges were harvested by our crew – all staying local and 100% going to the Kern County Food Pantry. Thanks to everyone who picked with us.

We even made it on the local ABC affiliate : http://www.turnto23.com/news/23120221/detail.html

Thanks to Dusty Stiles for contributing his photos and to Erica, Marie and Carl for pulling it all off!



We are pleased to announce our first field trip on the JUICY FRUIT EXPRESS!

What is the JUICY FRUIT EXPRESS?  It is a vegetable oil run bus that will take 40 of us to an amazing citrus orchard in Bakersfield for a huge orange pick and BBQ on Saturday, March 6th.  We will be partnering with the Community Action Partnership of Kern/Partnership Food Bank in Bakersfield for the event, who will receive 100% of the fruit harvested that day to help feed the hungry. Tickets are only $20.00 per person – this includes your seat on the bus and all food, drinks and refreshments for the day (we will leave from a San Fernando Valley location at 8:00 AM and have you back around 6-6:30 PM that night).

This will be a field trip like no other and will sell out FAST!  [NOTE: SINCE BEING ANNOUNCED on 2/10 WE ARE ALREADY HALF FULL]

So Please RSVP via email to CARL@FOODFORWARD.ORG asap with the following information:

1)    Total number of spots requested and name(s) of pickers

2)    Email address

3)    Your contact phone number

To secure your spot on the Juicy Fruit Express, please send a check or money order for $20.00/person made out to “Food Forward” to the following address:

Food Forward

P.O. Box 48818

Los Angeles, CA 90048

Please note that your spot(s) WILL NOT BE 100% reserved until a check is received.

We look forward to seeing you there!