Tandem Tango’ Picks

FF volunteers reveled in being valley boys n girls today as two teams harvested over 500 lbs of tangerines, grapefruit and avo’s for LA hungry.  The rains which kept the Juicy Fruit Express of the road yesterday (postponed till 4/10) gave way to big puffy clouds and great vibes all around as we picked in Valley Glen and Sherman Oaks (to delightful fruit tunes courtesy of Lou Reed, Abba and Fine Frenzy, among others)

It was great for us to see the new and old faces as the FF family continues to grow – thanks to all who gave their time today…with a special shout out to  the new tree climbers in the group and the great home owners who donated their trees to the cause.

Dont forget – next week after the time change FF resumes our famous midweek sunset picks – with St. Patty’s day being our first – did  I hear someone say cocktails to follow…?  Check FRESH JUICE posted below for details – there are still a few spaces left – so give a shout if you’d like to try a great new way to end your tired midweek routine:  marie@foodforward.org


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