Falling Grapefruits in Studio City

On Sunday, Food Forward picked 308 pounds of fresh and free grapefruit in Studio City with 7 volunteers and delivered the fruit to a local food pantry SOVA.  SOVA told us that this fruit donation came in just in time since their coolers are empty of fruit. Now local families will receive fresh fruit that would otherwise feed the squirrels.

Another great job by Food Forward Volunteers!

Next weekend, LA fruitloops team up with SB Backyard Bounty 4 orange mashup of summer: FRUITSTOCK! be there n feed da hungry: info@foodforward.org

To close out FRUITSTOCK, Food Forward will return 2 Berney Ranch next Sunday 8/30, following Sat 8/29 Santa Barbara/Montecito orange pick 2 shatter our record!

Want to be part of FRUITSTOCK? Have some fun, make new friends, enjoy a beautiful day outside in Santa Barbara or Moorpark and help feed the hungry? Email info@foodforward.org 4 more information


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