Picks for the rest of MAY

We had a great multi-home block pick in South Pas this past Saturday – ten volunteers (several new) hopping between three houses…pix on Facebook shortly

Great neighborhood, great weather – great yield of over 500 lbs.  Thanks everyone!

Here are picks for the rest of May (minus Memorial Day w/e which we are all taking off to gear up for a BIG June.)

WED 5/13 – NORTHRIDGE 5:30PM  (This week!)

SUNDAY 5/17 – TUJUNGA 10:30 AM

WED 5/20 – SFV/TBD  5:30PM


Please RSVP for what you can make: info@foodforward.org

Also, we have a bumper crop of homes which need very short visits for reference photos and fruit tasting.  If you can spend an hour or so hitting any of these
(Northridge, Reseda, Porter Ranch areas) please contact Erica at erica@foodforward.org and she can give you details on how you can help out.

Otherwise we look forward to seeing out at an upcoming pick.


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